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Submarine Features And Technology

Learn Where Your Donations Are Going

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Here at Alpha Submarine Adventures, we are proud to employ some of the best marine technology in the world on our research submarine in the Virgin Islands. Our unique submarine catamaran (SubCat) is specially designed to give our tourist guests a unique view of the beautiful oceans and reefs, while also collecting vital data for marine research. The SubCat offers a comfortable viewing platform, as well as a spacious cabin with wide windows, so you can get a truly personal experience of our magnificent Caribbean waters. Each of our Virgin Islands underwater coral reef tours not only gives visitors the experience of a lifetime, but allows us to play our role in the preservation of the local ecosystem.

Photography, Video Monitoring, And Research

Image by Francesco Ungaro

Our research submarine in the Virgin Islands is equipped for photography and video monitoring of the ocean environment, particularly the coral reef and marine life conditions. Each vessel also comes equipped with research-grade instrumentation to measure depth and pressure, and collect water samples in order to test for things like water temperature, salinity, pH, clarity, and other variables. Our SubCat participates in the monitoring of ongoing reef restoration projects, like coral seeding and 3D bioprinting. When you donate to our organization, you play a valued part in our continual efforts to protect our local marine environment. Our Virgin Islands underwater coral reef tours give you the chance to support this important work, in collaboration with our affiliated research scientists at leading universities, scientific foundations, and government agencies.

Pink Earth

How Our Submarine Experience Inspires Ecotourists To Get Involved In Preservation Efforts

When you invest in our research submarine in the Virgin Islands, you are giving tourists the chance to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see our coral reefs and marine wildlife up close. You’ll dive in comfort, in our specially-designed SubCat, and learn all about our conservation efforts here in the Virgin Islands. At the end of our dive, you’ll receive an email with the scientific data collected from your dive, and a link to learn more about our past research data as well as an opportunity to support future work.

Image by Hiroko Yoshii

Learn How You Can Contribute To Our Coral Reef Conservation Organization

We know you’ll be thrilled to learn more about how you can get involved in our coral reef preservation and research efforts. Reach out to us today to find out how you can donate now!

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