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Support Education 

At Alpha Submarine, our close-contact, exhilarating marine tours are aimed to galvanize support for coral reef protection efforts in the Virgin Islands, but our vessels are designed to do much more than that! Using sophisticated measuring equipment, our vessels will collect seawater temperature, salinity, pH, and other data, then relay that information to marine researchers at the University of St. Thomas. With every trip, our Virgin Islands marine research center not only educates and inspires dozens of visitors to stand up for reefs but we also collect data to facilitate their actual protection. When you fund Alpha Sub Tours, you’re funding education and conservation simultaneously.

Data Collection Efforts

Image by Francesco Ungaro

Since we will be touring more than 350 days per year, the potential for data collection is enormous and will offer a boon for scientists and other researchers working on ways to bring comprehensive protection and restoration to the world’s coral reefs. By measuring the pH of seawater, for instance, scientists at our Virgin Islands marine research center can track acidification levels that, if they are high enough, can slow or stop coral growth. Knowing when and how quickly the water around the Virgin Islands is approaching high acidity levels can help trigger additional protective measures. Water samples can also be examined for the presence of certain microbes that indicate the health of the reef. These and other important data collected during our dives is paramount to any plan to keep reefs thriving, not just in the Virgin Islands but all over the world.

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Donor Participation In Research Efforts

Your investment in Alpha Submarine Adventures not only supports an ecologically focused tourism agency, but also the work of scientists and other researchers who provide the knowledge we need to successfully initiate coral reef protection in the Virgin Islands.

Image by Hiroko Yoshii

Learn How You Can Help Educate People On Coral Reef Protection

Get in on this momentous, multi-purpose, and potentially world-changing cause today! Ask about how you can contribute to our Virgin Islands marine research center and be part of the better future we all want for our oceans and our children.

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