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  • Dave Groebel

What Are the Benefits Of Ecotourism?

Submarine Adventure

Traveling to distant places and experiencing unique cultures is fun and exciting, but it does make more of a global impact than we realize. The effects of mass tourism on our global environment include

  • Increased pollution

  • Natural habitat loss

  • Climate change

  • Water waste

These are just a few products of how our insatiable thirst for recreational travel impacts our world. Traveling is a passion for many, and when it is more important than ever to be eco-conscious of the impact we are making on the environment, many are turning to eco-tourism as a viable option to mesh responsible living with recreation and wonder. Here we go over what the benefits of eco-tourism are and how our eco-tours can help the Virgin Islands.

What is eco-tourism?

Eco-tourism has many benefits and is a beautiful way to blend our curiosity about distant lands with conservation and respect for local ecosystems. By partaking in an eco-tourism adventure, you can see fragile, natural areas of the world without negatively impacting these systems. The overall goal of an eco-tourism experience is to provide ways to unite conservation, community, and long-term, sustainable development through the enjoyable medium of travel.

Examples of eco-tourism

Some of the most thrilling types of travel experiences are based on the concept of eco-tourism; you may have even experienced a few yourself without being aware of the socially responsible impact you had on your environment. Some of these experiences include:

  1. Eco-lodging–These experiences are built around accommodations produced in accordance with environmentally sustainable guidelines. Many of these eco-resorts offer activities that are in keeping with the natural surroundings in which they are built. Travelers can enjoy activities such as bird watching, kayaking, and hiking as they enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding them.

  2. Agro-tourism–Agro-tourism involves visiting and volunteering in rural farm communities, learning about sustainable farming practices, and participating in enjoyable and educational activities.

  3. Community development–Community development opportunities involve minimizing the effects of urbanization and mass tourism by volunteering to plant trees, build houses and eco-friendly structures, and volunteer in schools and community centers. Many of these activities can be structured so that they provide education and entertainment for all involved.

  4. Eco tours–An eco-tour is a fantastic way to provide entertainment and a thrilling experience for all while preserving the environment. Tours involving rock climbing, caving, swimming, and diving are wonderful ways to immerse oneself in local culture while promoting social responsibility.

Benefits of eco-tourism

Besides having the benefit of a one-of-a-kind experience, there are many advantages to eco-tourism, including:

Exposure–One of the most important benefits of eco-tourism, is that you are exposed to lesser-known aspects of nature and sustainability. Seeing new environments and experiencing nature from an “up close and personal” perspective can be life changing. All who participate are likely to develop a new respect for life on this planet and the active role they take in the long-term sustainability of resources at our disposal.

Education–Most eco-tourism opportunities are enmeshed with an educational component that teaches participants about topics pertaining to wildlife and environmental responsibilities. While a zoo may satisfy our curiosity for viewing animals, there is simply no substitute for traveling to an environment where you can see these same animals interacting in harmony with nature around them. Education is a critical component in creating lasting change and new beliefs around our pivotal role and responsibilities involving the environment.

Protection–Interacting with and observing the world around us creates a need to protect and preserve these environments, leaving them better than when we first interacted with them. Our impact plays a large part in wildlife health and survival on this planet; through exposure and participation in eco-tourism, we are prompted to continue our efforts to improve all habitats for all living things.

A great example of a company that is making a difference through the benefits of eco-tourism!

Alpha Submarine Adventures Virgin Islands, LLC is a sustainable tourist submarine excursion that is dedicated to promoting ecotourism for over 40,000 passengers each year in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Our Virgin Islands eco-tours will begin the in the Summer of 2022 from Crown Bay Center with up to six dives a day to beautiful Sprat Bay off Water Island. They are committed to educate the public about the importance of coral reefs to the marine environment, coastal protection and the economy. They also will be an advocate for protecting and restoring the coral reef systems in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Visit for more information.

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