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  • Dave Groebel

The Impact Of Eco-Tourism On our World

We could all use a good vacation from time to time, couldn’t we? While you make plans to peruse Disneyland, camp out on your local beach, or even tour the world, do you give thought to how your movement across the globe impacts our world?

Eco-tourism: Bringing awareness, changing the planet

Eco-tourism is a movement that significantly impacts where people choose to spend their vacation time. It is a movement that serves to promote greater environmental awareness, cultural experiences, and sustainable communities while teaching strategies for ecological conservation and preservation.

Traditional tourism has not always been kind to our planet. Developments that are popular with the masses do very little to benefit the environments in which they are placed. For those seeking to be more environmentally conscious while planning a vacation, eco-tourism is a perfect blend of service to the planet and recreation and rest for the soul.

Benefits of eco-tourism

Eco-tourism adventures blend environmental education with real-life experience and enjoyable activities. Rather than heading to popular tourist destinations such as Spain, Germany, and the Greek Islands, travelers are expanding their awareness of the environment and looking for the perfect blend of education, enjoyment, and relaxation.

One benefit of some of these lesser-known destinations is that it provides indigenous peoples and those living in lower-income communities to find opportunities for employment. Locals can act as expert guides, demonstrators, and merchants to visiting tourists. As increased traffic comes through these areas, money is channeled directly into the community to allow for higher standards of living.

Through tourism, community outreach opportunities allow people from all walks of life to enter underdeveloped communities and restore them by providing services and patronage. A vacation could involve volunteering, serving, or building in these underdeveloped areas as a means of service, enriching the lives of all who participate.

Eco-tourism also allows people to develop their cultural awareness. Immersing themselves in local lodging, food, and activities allows locals to educate others on their local and community cultures.

Drawbacks of eco-tourism

Increased traffic leads to pressure to develop areas and make them more “user-friendly”. Altering a habitat with the addition of buildings and resorts will inevitably impact the environment. If these lesser-known areas don’t preserve and protect their valuable customs and traditions, communities could experience the negative effects of eco-tourism.

As habitats and natural environments are altered, there is the possibility of destroying wildlife and native species that are critical to that area. Indigenous cultures feel pressure to conform to tourist expectations and traditions, and as a result, some authenticity is lost in translation. As a more eco-conscious traveler, you can do your part to reduce these instances of environmental alteration by staying in small, local accommodations and choosing to experience the local culture that is akin to daily life in these areas.

Your part as a world traveler

As an eco-conscious traveler, you can do your part to reduce your environmental footprint while still making precious memories with family and friends. Airbnb lodging opportunities allow people to experience local life and culture without the need for additional accommodations development.

If you decide to stay in a resort or hotel, opt for those that are energy-efficient and benefit local culture and the surrounding environment. Eat local, enjoy local entertainment, and know that all these activities support your local vacation destination while providing economic opportunities for residents to grow and thrive.

Consider a service or educational trip. Becoming a responsible consumer of the Earth’s resources may not have been something you grew up knowing about, but you can use this opportunity to educate yourself and your loved ones about what it means to be a good steward, give back and serve local communities in significant ways. Do your research and find destinations that offer this unique type of immersive vacation experience, and know that it will be one of the most rewarding trips you’ve ever taken.

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