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  • Dave Groebel

Greening It Up On Your Family Vacation

Coral Reefs

Summer is here, and with it come dreams of sun-filled days, travel, and family vacations. Millions of families set off in search of the perfect vacation destination that will yield inspiration, peace, and relaxation for young and old alike.

Unfortunately, the consequences of global travel have taken their toll on our precious Earth. Tourism saps precious resources like water and land, and it can boost carbon emissions that significantly decrease air quality. In recent years, a movement has emerged that has inspired millions to take advantage of a friendlier way to travel—-Eco-friendly, green vacations.

Sustainable Travel: Educating the whole family

Sustainable travel is travel that actively contributes to both environmental and community wellness. Every trip you take should allow you to make decisions to embrace local culture and events while investing in the communities you visit. As a single adult or married couple, the idea of sustainable travel seems much easier than if you are attempting to entertain children as well. Instead of looking at the task of entertainment as a burden, shift your mindset to consider the opportunity to educate and enlighten all of your family members, inspiring social and environmental responsibility that will last long after the vacation has ended.

It is possible to strike a healthy balance between fulfilling your dreams and finding sustainable, green ways to travel. Don't stay home! Embrace the opportunity to positively impact this world as you pack light and choose your next green destination. Take these tips for traveling green while making a positive impact on everyone in your family:

Find green ways to get there

Transportation is a significant piece of your carbon footprint. If your chosen destination is within manageable driving distance, take your own fuel-efficient vehicle. Young children will enjoy the comfort and safety of a familiar car, and you won't have to worry about throwing car seats around at airports and rental car facilities.

At times, air travel is the only option for getting to your destination. If possible, choose a non-stop flight, and grab public transportation at your destination if available. Do some checking in advance to discover the most efficient ways of getting around, then pre-plan your routes to avoid last-minute changes that could take time and additional fuel.

If your children are old enough, consider heading off on foot, exploring the sights and sounds of local culture while drastically reducing your carbon footprint. Make sure to schedule time for breaks if needed.

Choose eco-friendly accommodations

More and more homeowners across the globe are taking advantage of sustainability incentives, so it's easier than ever to find energy-efficient vacation rentals that are intimate and cozy. Choosing a vacation home or suite with a kitchen so you can prepare your own meals is additional assistance in keeping your vacation clean and green. Opting to reuse linens for a few days is another way to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying your stay.

Choose reusable water bottles and snacks from home

Reusable water bottles are easy to pack on a trip and can be refilled at nearly any water fountain or sink. You may also want to bring along familiar snacks for hungry children that will allow you to avoid the trap of gas station or convenience store food while on your trip. If you are flying, keep water bottles empty until you pass through security checkpoints, then fill them before boarding.

Have picky eaters? Get your kiddos involved by planning snacks with you. Have them select reusable snack bags and let them make healthy choices, stopping along the way at other health food stores during your trip. You'll eat better, feel better, and have more energy to experience all your vacation has to offer.

Shop locally, eat locally

Show your support for the community where you are vacationing by eating and shopping in local stores and restaurants. Look for farmers' markets and other small shops that showcase local products and services.

Find a way to get educated or to give back

One significant component of sustainable travel is the act of giving back to local communities. Paying for local goods and services is one thing, but activities such as educational trips, planting trees, and cleaning up local beaches are far more impactful than merely taking part in entertainment. Teaching your children about their impact on the environment around them is a very powerful part of sustainable travel; these memories will create beliefs and attitudes about the environment that will have long-reaching consequences for all who partake in them. Sustainable travel is an enriching and educational experience for the whole family.

Alpha Submarine Adventures: A One-of-a-kind vacation experience

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