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  • Dave Groebel

Eco-Tourism A More Ethical Way To Vacation

Coral Reefs

Millions of people seek rest, relaxation, and recreation through vacation each year. Whether flocking to beaches or well-known tourist destinations, we seek pleasurable experiences with family and friends as we make precious memories that will last a lifetime.

The problem with global travel

With nearly 1.4 billion people traveling to various destinations each year, we begin to wonder about the environmental impact of this increased global traffic. With all of this tourism come the adverse effects on our environments, including significant changes to:

  • Pollution and waste collection and processing

  • Water and air quality

  • Carbon emissions, which are reaching dangerously high levels across the globe

There has to be some way to get some much-needed R&R while we maintain our integrity and dedicated work of saving more delicate populations on the planet. What to do?

Eco-tourism: A more responsible way to travel

If we treasure the planet we are inhabiting, it may be time to change our outlook on travel, tourism, and what it means. We don't necessarily have to give up luxury or breathtaking views to embrace a cleaner, greener form of recreation. Eco-tourism is a movement that is fast sweeping the globe, with people lining up in droves to experience an authentic, environmentally friendly experience that helps preserve local culture and traditions. Adopting a more eco-conscious mindset when making travel choices will be a critical factor in protecting and preserving Earth's delicate ecosystems.

Why is environmentally friendly travel important?

Developing tourist destinations and underdeveloped countries may not have the resources and waste management practices to maintain tourist accommodations and leisure activities properly. Increased demand for land, utilities, and natural resources put even a stable destination at risk for overexposure, leading to environmental imbalances that can cause significant damage over time.

Questions about the environment and ethical travel have now been raised, with many in the industry calling into question the very activity that sustains the industry itself. With so many people citing a love of nature and the desire to see the globe, why are we engaging in activities that continue to destroy it?

Responsible tourism: Eco vacations for the win

Eco-tourism, or responsible tourism, seeks to educate while entertaining tourists for long-term change and sustainability. Following sustainable tourism practices involves using local resources and immersion in local culture with no intent to change infrastructure. Giving honor and respect to a local environment by helping to reduce one's own footprint is the best way to provide authentic vacation experiences without additional harm to the environment.

Eco-tourism involves the protection of human and animal populations by refusing to participate in any activity or endeavor that brings harm to those populations. Loads of fun await during a visit to a local village, where you learn about local culture and customs that can enrich your own life in ways that impact you long after you return home. An educational eco-tour of coral reefs off the coast of a beautiful island provides insight and awareness of your part in keeping these delicate ecosystems intact and the connection that they have to life on this planet as a whole. Who needs a luxury hotel stay when you can fully immerse yourself in culture and experience, all while reducing your environmental impact?

Alpha Submarine Adventures: Your adventure awaits!

Alpha Submarine Adventures is your ultimate destination for eco-friendly, responsible travel. Located in the beautiful Virgin Islands, we offer up to six dives a day off the coast for a first-hand view of the beautiful coral reefs that we work so valiantly to protect. Providing a superior educational and fun experience, we give you a one-of-a-kind experience that will make a lasting impact on the way you view the world. Don't wait any longer; book your tour and get ready for a fantastic experience! Visit for more information.

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