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Coral Reef Protection

Preserving Our Precious Caribbean Coral Reefs

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There is nothing quite like the experience of seeing a coral reef up close, with the plethora of vibrant colors and thriving sea life. However, opportunities like these are becoming more and more rare, as climate change is threatening the existence of coral reefs worldwide. Here at Alpha Submarine Adventures, we are dedicated to teaching others how to protect coral reefs in the Virgin Islands. Our goal, with the help of your donations, is to use our submarine tours to educate generations to come about the importance of coral reef preservation, and to continue conducting vital research.

Educating Others About the Significance of Coral Reefs

Image by Francesco Ungaro

Coral reefs have evolved over millions of years, and are some of the most complex ecosystems on Earth. Not only do they provide food and protection for thousands of marine species, but they also play a critical role in presenting coastline erosion and keeping the water clean. Across the globe, nearly a billion people rely on coral reefs for food, income, and protection. As our Virgin Islands ocean conservation organization operates here in the Caribbean, we’ve seen firsthand the slow decay of our reefs. It’s estimated that our local reef has lost nearly 50% of our live coral cover just in the last 50 years. It is thanks to investors like you, that we are able to participate in the kind of research-driven ecotourism that raises awareness and funding in order to protect coral reefs in the Virgin Islands and preserve their environment.

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How Our Submarine Tours Help Coral Reef Conservation Efforts In The Virgin Islands.

Our coral reef submarine tours are designed to expose the public to the wonders of the reef and its many unique inhabitants, while giving visitors a priceless opportunity to be a part of a bigger change. Our Virgin Islands ocean conservation organization is proud to be a local leader in coral reef protection through monitoring, analysis, and testing, as well as proactive outplanting and the development of therapies to combat common coral diseases. Every one of our valued guests has the opportunity to further participate and support coral reef research. The contributions we receive from donors like you and your concern for the environment is what drives us forward.

Image by Hiroko Yoshii

Learn More About Our Mission And Donate To the Cause

Ready to learn more about how you can invest in our submarine adventures, and how we’re working to protect our coral reefs in the Virgin Islands? Eager to get started right away? Make a donation here!

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